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Published on: June 2, 2023
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Despite having practically limitless resources, the Russo brothers’ storytelling vision is growing more limited with each new venture. Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden’s series Citadel is about as stereotypical as possible.


The two agents of the international spy organisation Citadel, Nadia Sinh and Mason Kane, hold significance to the plot. The narrative events occur after Citadel crumbles and its agents begin to lose their memories. Before all hell breaks out, a strong syndicate dubbed Manticore assumes control of Citadel and decides to handle things their own way. Nadia and Mason must remember their past.


Two essential components are required for a successful espionage thriller: a compelling main character and a villain leading a compelling idea. However, we can all rest assured that spy dramas will always have a strong cinematic appeal.

A spy thriller should ideally contain sufficient excitement to keep you on the brink of your seat, as well as some of the best action films in cinema history, complex stories, clever plot twists, explosions, recurrence, and several fringes. The Russo brothers serve as executive producers of the David Weil-produced American science fiction television series “Citadel,” which stars Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas as “Citadel” agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh. It makes a lot of hope with a strong dose of action, chases, and seductive leads.

Citadel is a huge surface that invites everyone to participate in its activities. We can connect better since we know that two of our local performers will be participating in the same game. The fact that the show continues to provide strong action beyond episode two is one of its positive aspects. After a while, things become very rare, but what you do see is fascinating. Everything is carefully orchestrated and accomplished, from the transfer of firearms to the usage of knives. 

But the biggest drawback of the series is that the creators of one of the most complex films, a compilation of 22 films and a final war and brought in the biggest box office numbers, decided to craft a tale that was so straightforward and annoys you. After a certain point, every detail in Citadel is just written for the sake of simplicity. In any case, the drama universe never has the opportunity to interact or chat with the real world. They also affect people who are unaware of the activities of the two hidden agencies, but there is no accurate depiction of reality.

Who also decides to sprint at full capacity by the last episode, revealing everything they have to eliminate it? Moments of major revelation occur as though they were unimportant to the series. For six episodes, Mason Kane struggles to remember who he is, but as Carter yells, “Wake up, you are Mason Kane, be one,” Kane begins to act as though he has never been backed up. Convenience, as stated above. This is precisely why the implementation is so ineffective that there is no opportunity for improvement. The haste makes stuff appear unfinished, and there are never chances to complete the riddle.


Citadel had a lot of promise when it first started, but it ultimately turned out to be another unremarkable spy thriller that is not worth watching again.

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