Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 9, 2023


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Pooja Bedi highlights media’s attempt to sensationalize her past interview on divorce from ex-husband Farhan Furniturewala.

On Thursday, former actor Pooja Bedi tweeted about a throwback interview she gave regarding her divorce from ex-husband Farhan Furniturewala. She slammed media outlets for ‘misleading headlines’ after several portals recently published reports based on her old interview. Pooja tweeted to clarify that she was sharing her personal story in the 2015 interview, and it wasn’t meant to ‘vilify’ her ex and the father of her children – daughter Alaya F, who is now an actor, and son Omar.

Pooja Bedi’s statement

Pooja Bedi and Farhan Furniturewala married in 1994, and got divorced in 2003. In her recent tweet, Pooja said, “Headlines can be so misleading! They can cause chaos, like in this situation, when there is no need for any. Always Look beyond the headlines… to see the bigger picture. It takes a set of positive eyes to see a situation in a positive light. Do you have that ability?”

More about her old interview

Pooja attached a statement along with her tweet, in which she mentioned that an interview of hers from 2015 is doing the rounds now. She wrote in the statement, “An interview of mine shot with Doordarshan in 2015, has resurfaced, with headlines on some overenthusiastic sites rushing to paint my ex-husband as someone bad. It was my story of struggle and decisions and personal triumphs, and in no way meant to vilify the father of my children. He has never neglected them emotionally and has been a major contributor to their personal and educational expenses.”

Pooja Bedi on her ex-husband

Further in her note, Pooja said that despite her divorce from Farhan, both of them share mutual respect and are fond of each other. She also said news portals should report about how they all go out together as a family, and how their respective ‘current partners are so graceful and respectful of the situation’. Pooja Bedi got engaged to Maneck Contractor in February 2019. Meanwhile, Farhan married Laila Khan in 2010.

Pooja said in her statement, “Farhan and I have both grown from strength to strength personally and professionally and warmth, respect, and fondness continues to be a key ingredient in our wonderful dynamic till date. What would and should make better headlines is how we all go out together as a family, and how our current partners are so graceful and respectful to the situation and friendship. Let’s promote what is positive and worthy of emulation if we seek to make a healthy society and set the right examples.”

Controversial 2015 interview

In an old interview with Doordarshan Sahyadri, Pooja Bedi was asked how she built her life post-divorce from Farhan as she walked out of the marriage without alimony from her ex-husband. She had said, ‘Back in the day, even the court systems were different, laws were different, women’s rights movement wasn’t so active the way it is today. So, I asked myself what I want– do I want to go to court and fight him, demanding money… I thought if I go to court and fight it out, there will be bitterness, the kids will suffer as well.”

Pooja said she then started writing weekly columns, for which she made â‚ą16,000 a month. She had further said, “Then modelling contract happened, then I started becoming a brand ambassador, began hosting events. Within one and a half years, I was driving the same Mercedes that my husband had. Within two years, he called me asking for loan, as he wanted to expand his business.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service