Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 16, 2023


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Speculation Surrounds BLACKPINK’s Jennie as Potential Marvel Project Candidate Following Her Acting Debut in “The Idol”.

BLACKPINK’s agency YG Entertainment finally addressed rumours of Jennie Kim receiving an offer in a Marvel project. Reportedly, she will be seen making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut after her acting break in HBO Original series, The Idol. While such a decision is seemingly possible, her agency dismissed the speculations. 

Agency’s statement on Jennie’s MCU debut

On Monday, YG Entertainment issued a statement and said, “It is not true that Jennie received an offer to star in a Marvel project.” Previously, multiple reports claimed that Jennie has been offered a role as a member of Marvel’s Asian superhero team, namely Team Agents of Atlas. Reportedly, she would have played a character called Seol Hee (Luna Snow), which had first appeared in the video game, Marvel Super War in 2020. The character was voiced by girl group f(x)’s Luna.

It was actor Park Seo Joon who made history and became the first Korean actor to mark his MCU debut in The Marvels.

More about “The Idol”

Meanwhile, Jennie recently appeared in The Idol. Her role received mixed reviews from fans and viewers. She played a supporting role in the Lily-Rose Depp series as her character’s friend, Dyanne, who is a backup dancer. While her unfiltered beauty made people question her age, many also were left surprised by her risqué side in the series.

BLACKPINK’s Born Pink World Tour

Jennie is currently busy with the BLACKPINK Born Pink World Tour. The group recently performed in Melbourne where Jennie left fans worried when she left the concert midway due to her health. Her agency later apologised on her behalf.

“During the BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN MELBOURNE concert on June 11th (today), she couldn’t be on stage until the end due to her poor condition. We apologize to the fans who supported BLACKPINK and came to the venue, and we ask for your understanding.

“Jenny showed her willingness to push ahead with the performance until the end but immediately took measures to ensure sufficient rest and stability with the recommendation of medical staff on the spot. Jenny felt sorry for not being able to stay with her fans until the end and expressed her intention to recover quickly. We will do our best to support Jenny to recover her condition as soon as possible. I ask for your understanding once again,” they said.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service