Source: HT News Service
Published on: May 29, 2023


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Sharib Hashmi reflects on “Opium” receiving a nomination at the New York Film Festival, acknowledging that a film’s destiny lies in finding its audience.

Actor Sharib Hashmi is super excited for his film Opium (2022) has gone to the New York Film Festival and has been nominated in three categories — Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Film. While the actor feels such films often go unnoticed, he credits OTT space for providing the right platform.

Hashmi’s statement

“The nomination in itself is very good news. Getting recognised in such a prestigious film festival makes me feel really happy. Opium is an anthology, so it has multiple stories, and every story is unique in itself. The storyline is so bizarre. I am very happy for our director (Aman Sachdeva) because he is very hardworking and has put a lot of effort into the film. I wish all of us luck for the New York Film Festival,” shares Hashmi.

The 47-year-old highlights how the Opium is quite different from usual anthologies in its visual appeal. “When I heard the script, I was confused as to how we will achieve this. But when I reached the set and saw how the shoot was going on, I was convinced and I trusted Aman that he will make something good only,” he shares.

Script & Direction are the main heroes of Opium

The Family Man actor shares that the unique and different take on the film can make it stand out among the other nominees. “In my opinion, the script and direction are the strongest points of Opium. I am the main protagonist of one of the stories. It is difficult to explain my character. All I can tell is that in my story, you can see only my face. There are many other people in the story, but you cannot see anyone,” he tells us.

Of late, several well-made content-driven films come and go without leaving any impact, or not getting enough screens or not being marketed properly because they don’t star a big actor. Agreeing with the same, Hashmi opines, “Absolutely, many films go unnoticed because of such reasons. Thankfully, because of OTT, people have a platform to find any releases. People are able to watch those rare gems because of the web and its reach.”

The actor concludes, “I think that every film has its own audience because every film can’t cater to everybody. It is a myth that any film can make everyone happy. It is impossible. Firstly, it is important to make a film which you believe in. It should make you happy while making it. Rest you should leave it to destiny. A film’s destiny can’t be changed. If a film has been made properly, then it finds its audience eventually.”

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