Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 22, 2023


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Puneet Superstar, eliminated within hours from Bigg Boss OTT 2, goes on a rant on Instagram.

Comedian Puneet Superstar has shared multiple videos on Instagram after returning from Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. He was eliminated from the house less than 24 hours after the show premiered for his unruly behaviour inside the house. 

Puneet’s rant on Instagram

In one of the videos shared on his Instagram page, Puneet talked about MC Stan, winner of Bigg Boss 16, who was a panelist on the show’s premiere episode.

“Bigg Boss jaae bhaad ki bhatti mein. Saala mujhe kisi ki zaroorat nahi hai. Puneet Superstar star tha, star hai aur star rahega. Aur main ye batana chahta hu ki MC Stan tu saale keede makode, mereko aake lalkaarta hai, meri comedy ke peeche aake lalkarta hai toh mere dosto jaldi se Elo Elo app download karlo, kyuki Puneet Superstar kal shaam ko yahan par 4 baje live aane wala hai aur sabka ek ek karke band bajane wala hai. Toh tum log saale nalle, berozgaar, bhikmange ye sochte ho ki Puneet Superstar ke dwara live aakar star ban jaoge lekin Puneet Superstar star tha aur rahega (Bigg Boss can go to hell. I don’t need anyone. Puneet Superstar will always be a star. This insect MC Stan challenged me and my comedy. Friends quickly download Elo Elo app where I will be live at 4pm tomorrow and pull up everyone one by one. All you useless, jobless, penniless people want to ride on my success, but Puneet will always be a star),” he said. He appears to have deleted the video on Tuesday morning.

Fans of the comedian supported him in the comments section. “Bhagwan dost MC Stan jaise na de (God, never give me a friend like MC Stan),” wrote one. Others abused MC Stan in comments and praised Puneet.

More on Bigg Boss

On the premiere episode, as Puneet was introduced to the audience, panelist MC Stan asked him how he would connect with people as his brand of comedy is often ‘cringe’. The panelists also decided to bring his audience ranking from no. 2 down to no. 10.

Once inside the house, Puneet caused a lot of chaos, putting toothpaste on his face, pouring floor cleaner on his head and allegedly, even leaving skid marks on the toilet seat. His antics left almost everyone in the house frustrated and annoyed. Bigg Boss asked contestants if they would be able to ‘adjust’ with Puneet, a majority voted against it and Puneet was booted out.

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