Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 29, 2023


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Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma wore beaming smiles as they posed together during the Lust Stories 2 event. Fans can look forward to their on-screen collaboration in the anthology.

Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma are new couple in the film industry and have decided to no more hide their relationship from the media glare. The two actors will now be seen in one of the films from the anthology Lust Stories 2 and posed together as a couple at a promotional event ahead of its release on Thursday. Bollywood fans however, still remain divided over their relationship, with some even calling it a publicity stunt.

Tamannaah and Vijay pose together as a couple

A paparazzo shared a video of Tamannaah and Vijay from the Tuesday event. It shows Tamannaah in a white shirt and an upside down black top doubling up as a skirt. Vijay is seen in a non-formal black suit. The two-look happy as they posed together at the event.

Netizens are divided about the couple

Many called them “Beautiful couple” and “lovely jodi”. A fan commented on the video, “Vibe match to fir kuch matter nahi karta (nothing matters when the vibe matches).” Another said, “Look matter nai karta feeling matter karta hai so may be isliye Tamannaah ne inhe choose kiya ho (feeling matters not the look, may be that’s why Tamannaah chose him).”

A fan went on to speak in their defense as many called Vijay a lucky man. “Ye lucky hai vo lucky hai, look matter nahi karta blah blah unki life jo marji kare aur kar bhi liya…tum apna dekho tum lucky ho ya tumhra future partner (he’s lucky, she’s lucky, looks don’t matter blah blah. Its their life and they can do what they want and they did. You see if you are lucky or your future partner),” wrote the fan.

One of the negative comments however read: “Ye dono fake hai. 6 mahine mein break up announce kar denge. Pura pr stunt hai lust stories promote karne ke liye. (both of them are fake, they will announce their breakup in 6 months. This is all a PR stunt to promote Lust Stories 2).

 On kissing Vijay in Lust Stories 2

Tamannaah will be seen kissing on screen for the first time in Lust Stories 2. On kissing Vijay in the film, the actor told Bollywood Bubble recently, “I’ve never felt so safe around an actor. And that’s what’s really important for an actor. You need to feel that kind of safety. It’s like a jump you’re taking, especially in a film like this. He just, from the moment go, made me feel so safe that I wasn’t scared to say anything, do anything, emote in a certain way. He just made it feel so easy. So that’s definitely something I love about him.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service