Source: HT News Service
Published on: July 11, 2023


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iKON’s Longtime Member Jinhwan Announces Enlistment Plans Amid Upcoming World Tour.

Jinhwan, a member of the South Korean boy group iKON, has announced that he will enlist in the military. Taking to Instagram on Friday, Jinhwan informed his fans and followers that he feels ‘regretful because there are so many things I’ve prepared’

Jinhwan’s post on Instagram

Jinhwan also shared a photo of the evening sky with hues of blue and pink. As translated by Soompi, Jinhwan captioned the post, “I’m writing this [message] because I thought I needed to let you all know before anyone else. I will be enlisting in the military on July 20.”

He also added, “I feel regretful because there are so many things I’ve prepared and so many things that I still haven’t gotten the chance to show you, but because I know that our fans, who have waited for me, will feel even sadder, I’ll keep this short. I will diligently fulfill my duty and return quickly, so let’s find strength while thinking of each other, and please be well. Thank you for always cheering me on by my side, and I love you!”

Netizen’s reactions

Fans took to the comments section and reacted to his post. A person wrote, “My heart knew it when I saw you cry at the concert.. in my mind was only the fact that soon you would go to the army, many new fans didn’t know your emotion, but my heart did.” A comment read, “We won’t go anywhere my love. I became an iKONIC only 2 years ago which means it took 40 years for you to come into my life, means I can wait another 2 years.”

“I’m just crying so hard and I feel so sorry for you because I know you have worked so hard preparing things. Please stay healthy because we will be here waiting for you always,” commented another fan. An Instagram user said, “You will do well! Make new friends, learn new things. We will wait during that time!” At the time of writing the report, Jinhwan has three million followers on Instagram and is following 31 people. So far he has made 210 posts.

About about iKon

Jinhwan’s group iKon was formed in 2015 by YG Entertainment. The members comprise Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, Kim Donghyuk, Goo Junhoe, and Jung Chanwoo. Leader B.I departed from the group in June 2019. Their debut studio album was Welcome Back followed by singles #WYD and New Kids: Begin. In 2018, they released their second studio album Return.

Their third and fourth extended plays I Decide and Flashback were released in 2020 and 2022 respectively. iKon left YG Entertainment in December 2022 and signed with 143 Entertainment this year. The group released their third studio album Take Off in May this year. In March, iKON announced a group world tour.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service