Source: HT News Service
Published on: July 13, 2023


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A baby girl joins the family of Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes. Claire after she stated that the pregnancy “wasn’t intentional”.

American and British actors Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy welcome a baby girl to their family today and talk about how the baby wasn’t part of the plan initially and how they couldn’t have been more happy to have a girl child be a part of their family after having two boys.

But the couple wasn’t too happy when they heard the unexpected news and were not very secretive about their views.

Hugh Darcy shared his thoughts on parenting on Jimmy Fallon Show

It was all fun and games, and the English actor simplified it down in a humorous yet hysterical way in the Jimmy Fallon’s show about how he is trying to figure out parenting one day at a time as his boys are still young. The older son, Cyrus, is 10 years old, while Rowan is 4 years old.

In a conversation with Jimmy Falon, Hugh was asked whether his kids knew what mom and dad do for a living and whether they had seen any of their movies, to which Hugh said, “They are still too young and don’t really care much right now, and with movies, not much could be shown to them that is appropriate, but I did show them Ella Enchanted.”

He also mentioned that, with another baby on the way, Hugh has made peace with the fact that no parent is ever ready and you only figure out how to work things out when the child is out in the real world.

The couple says that while the first two kids, Cyrus and Rowan, were all planned out, the third child most certainly wasn’t and would still be well taken care of. The real question is: would the kids of fellow stars Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes really have to worry about the fact that their children eventually do not get along with each other, or is it just a phase to be sidelined as they are all kids?

The star couples never really looked caught up or worried about it, and they know that now that the baby girl has been brought to life, it would be rather good for Cyrus and Rowan to take on responsibilities as older brothers.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service