Source: HT News Service
Published on: July 18, 2023


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Akash Choudhary, known for his role in Bhagya Lakshmi, recounts a ‘traumatising experience’ after narrowly escaping a car-truck accident. Following the incident, he expresses fear of traveling on the Lonavala road.

Actor Akash Choudhary, best known for his show Bhagya Lakshmi, has revealed that he met with a road accident during a vacation with his pet dog Hazel. A truck hit the actor’s car, when it was stationed at a traffic light in Navi Mumbai. No one received major injuries, and Akash decided to let the truck driver go, he said.

Akash’ statement about the accident

Akash, who has also participated in Splitsvilla 10, often shares pictures with his pet dog on social media. He even has a dedicated Instagram account for the dog, Paws of Hazel.

Akash said he wanted to spend some time with his pet and stepped out of his home in his car, with his driver. “We were waiting at the Navi Mumbai red light when a heavy truck came and hit us badly. My pet, my driver, and I – we were all shaken by the hit. I went in a shocking state. I wore a seatbelt, so nothing happened to me,” Akash told Aaj Tak in an interview. He added that he got down and checked with the truck driver who told him that he could not step on the brake properly in time.

Truck driver admitted his fault

The truck driver admitted his fault, begged for forgiveness and said he is a poor man. Akash revealed that he did not “say anything”, adding that most people run away after such accidents, but the truck driver did not. The cops arrived within a few minutes and arrested the truck driver, but Akash convinced them to let him go.

A paparazzo account has also posted pictures from the accident.

“The entire incident was traumatising for me. The car was also badly hit and I had to bear the cost of my car’s damage. I went back home, took another car, and was back on my way for the vacation. However, when you go through such an accident, your mood is bound to get spoilt. My mom kept calling to check if we were fine. To tell you the truth, I am slightly afraid of the Lonavala road now. I will not take that road at all. If I have to go, I will take a flight,” he added.

Akash’s latest Instagram post

In his latest Instagram post, Akash was seen having a good time with his pet dog. The location for the post was marked at a Lonavala resort and pictures showed Hazel joining Akash at the meal table, and later in a bathtub.

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