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Published on: August 16, 2023


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From the camaraderie between Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve, to the strong connection shared by Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav, let’s explore the relationships that developed during Bigg Boss OTT 2.

The reality show is known for the controversies, fights, and a few romances that it manages to brew. Nonetheless, Bigg Boss has also proven to be a nurturing ground for some of the most genuine friendships over the years. On Bigg Boss OTT season 2, we saw friendship brewing between Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve, Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav. As the season comes to a close on Monday, we take a look at these cherished bonds created inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house.

Jiya Shankar-Abhishek Malhan

Given their camaraderie and emotional bonding on Bigg Boss OTT 2, fans believe Jiya Shankar and Abhishek are in love. However, they have maintained it is friendship, not love.

They started their journey on Bigg Boss OTT 2 with a fight, when they were asked to share an allotted bed. However, things soon got better and they were always be there for each other. In times of need, Abhishek was often seen consoling Jiya and comforting her when she cried. After her recent eviction, Jiya admitted to having feelings for him. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Jiya said she has often clarified that she is fond of him, and perhaps even has feelings for him.

Bebika Dhurve-Pooja Bhatt

Their relationship worsened towards the end of the show, but Bebika and Pooja have a level of understanding that made it easier for them to sit and exchange their views. They would often be seen supporting each other on the show. Both Bebika and Pooja are opinionated and love to put forth their views.

Abhishek Malhan-Elvish Yadav

Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav have been friendship goals on Bigg Boss OTT 2. Throughout the show, they have been supporting each other and are there for each other.

Abhishek even gave his chain to Elvish as a token of friendship. However, the bond soured later in the show, when Abhishek accused Elvish of running a ‘negative PR’ against him. They even had a few fights on the show.

Abhishek Malhan-Manisha Rani

Abhishek also shared a good bond with Manisha and Aashika Bhatia on Bigg Boss OTT 2. Abhishek has often talked about his strong bond with Manisha and even referred to her as a family member.

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