Source: HT News Service
Published on: September 21, 2023


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Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner Seen Socializing in New York City Following the Latter’s Recent Breakup with Joe Jonas.

We’d be lying if we said we saw this coming. After sending his ‘babies presents’, Taylor Swift was spotted hanging out with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas’ ex-wife Sophie Turner. The two walked hand in hand in New York as fans and paparazzi surrounded them for pictures.

Taylor was seen in a red dress and blue denim jacket while Sophie also looked stunning in a grey top and pants. The two were, as a fan aptly said, serving.

Their outing could be seen as a statement in itself considering how Joe and Sophie announced their divorce just a few weeks ago and rumours are abuzz that the split may not be the most amicable. There were reports that Joe was pulling the weight of their relationship, taking care of their daughters while Sophie indulged in partying and staying out more. Many on the internet criticised Joe for seemingly spinning the narrative against Sophie and making her seem like the bad mother. And now, it looks like Taylor has clearly picked a side.

On the other hand, Joe and Taylor dated in 2008. He infamously broke up with her over a phone call and she is said to have written the song Mr Perfectly Fine about him.

Ex-girlfriends getting together

Even fans found their NYC outing too exciting to ignore. “Not the ex girlfriends getting together,” commented one. “This photo makes me so happy! Girlfriends stepping up for each other must be celebrated,” wrote another. “Oh don’t end that Jonas brother like that Taylor,” commented another.

Taylor and Sophie’s previous fangirling over each other

Taylor and Sophie have previously fangirled over each other on social media. When Taylor released Mr Perfectly Fine in 2019, Sophie joked on Instagram Stories that it was ‘not NOT a BOP.’ Taylor replied by ‘bending the knee to the queen in the North,’ referring to Sophie’s portrayal of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones.

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