Source: HT News Service
Published on: September 27, 2023


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Paparazzi recently caught a glimpse of Adil Khan Durrani, who mentioned that he intends to share his perspective of the truth in the near future. Adil Khan Durrani, the ex-husband of actor Rakhi Sawant, was spotted by the paparazzo in Mumbai on Sunday. In a report by ETimes, Adil was seen interacting with some of the media persons and saying how he was ‘framed’ by Rakhi and her people.

Adil’s statement about Rakhi

It so happened that Adil was spotted in the city by some reporters, as stated by ETimes. When they asked him to respond to the allegations, Adil said, “Mere side ki proper story bolunga. Usne jaise mujhe frame kiya Rakhi ne kiya tha aur uske bohut se kon log the. Bataunga na… aaj kal mein toh conference karunga… crore mujhe dena hei ya mujhe crore aa rahe hein (I will share my proper story. How Rakhi and some of her known people framed me. I will tell everything… I will do a press conference in a few days… how I have to pay the crores or I will be receiving them).”

Will Adil meet Rakhi again?

When further asked if he will be meeting Rakhi again, he said that unlike her, he won’t be saying multiple things here and there to the media. He wants to say his side of the story in the press conference in a proper manner.

Rakhi’s allegations against Adil

A few months ago, Rakhi had alleged that Adil has another woman in his life. A part of her statement to the media said, “Kehte ho na media mein kyun aati ho, baat ghar pe hi rakho. Ghar pe reh ke na mujhe fridge me nahi jana hai (Adil says I should not bring up our personal issues in public, but I will not suffer or end up in a fridge by keeping it all private).”

She later accused him of assault, stealing money and jewellery from her flat without her knowledge, performing unnatural sex and harassment for dowry, among other charges. Adil was subsequently brought to the Oshiwara police station in suburban Mumbai for questioning and later placed under arrest.

A police official revealed how Rakhi got in touch with Adil in January 2022 and the two opened a joint business account. Without her knowledge, he withdrew more than ₹1.5 crore from the account in June to buy a car, but she did not object as he promised to marry her. Allegedly he assaulted Rakhi on two occasions, prompting her to lodge a non-cognisable offence against him. The official also said Adil threatened that he would throw acid on her face or get her killed in a road accident.

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani got married in July last year.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.