Source: HT News Service
Published on: September 27, 2023


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BTS’ V reveals the second promotion schedule for his solo album Layover, set to release in September. BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung is gearing up for his solo debut with his first solo album Layover. Ahead of the album release, he is leaving no stone unturned with the promotions. After wrapping up the first leg of promotions, on Thursday BTS’ agency BigHit Music released the schedule of V’s second promotion for the upcoming days.

BigHit Music shares Kim V album release schedule

The Love Me Again singer will treat fans with three singles, Scenery, Winter Bear and Snow Flower, before the full album release. Previously, he had dropped two music videos, Love Me Again and Rainy Days, as a part of his pre-releases. His agency confirmed that the first teaser of his music video Blue will be out on August 22 at midnight KST.

This will be followed by the second teaser of the Blue music video on August 25. The singer will also be treating fans to his three tracks–Scenery, Winter Bear, and Snow Flower on August 28. The BTS singer will be dropping new concept pictures on August 29 and September 9 at midnight KST. Layover will be released on September 8, with the music video of Slow Dancing.

The new schedule has left fans even more excited than before. Reacting to it, a fan wrote on Twitter, “Oh my God can’t wait.” “Finally the Spotify releases,” added another one. Someone also tweeted, “Finally we are going to have more Taehyung songs.”


Layover is a mini album, which will consist of six main songs from Kim Taehyung. It includes Rainy Days, Blue, Love Me Again, Slow Dancing, For Us and Slow Dancing (Piano Version). Meanwhile, Love Me Again, Rainy Days, Scenery, Winter Bear and Snow Flower are for pre-release.

Kim Taehyung at Tiny Desk Concert Before Layover’s release, Kim Taehyung will also be promoting his album with a mini-concert. He will be performing at Tink Desk concerts in South Korea. Previously, Studio X+U, the LG U+ content studio, announced the news and confirmed their lineup which will include five artists: Kim Chang Wan Band, Sunwoo Junga, BTS’s V, Yun Seok Cheol Trio, and Kwon Jin Ah. The concert will be held on August 25.

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