Source: HT News Service
Published on: September 29, 2023


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In a recent interview, Rani Mukerji offers a glimpse into her bond with her spouse Aditya Chopra, discussing their romantic evenings and international getaways.

Rani Mukherji admitted she was ‘more private’ than director-producer and husband Aditya Chopra. In a recent interview with Film Companion, the actor not only spoke about their relationship, and how it has evolved over the years, she also revealed the secret to keeping the spark alive in their marriage. Rani and Aditya tied the knot in 2014. They have a daughter named Adira, who was born in 2015.

Rani on spending time with Aditya

Rani revealed that she and Aditya Chopra still watch movies together. She said, “For me the best time that Adi(Aditya Chopra) and me have is when we go to watch a movie together. That is something we continue doing every Friday at YRF (Yash Raj Films studio) in Mumbai. But when we are outside India, we go everywhere. It is lovely to hold hands and all. It’s quite nice… I think it is fun, just going and standing in the line, getting your ticket, getting your popcorn. Nowadays you get pizza also, which is great. So you get quite good food. It is nice to eat, watch your film. It is crazy, it is such a good experience.”

Rani opens up about her relationship with Aditya

She further spoke about how her and Aditya Chopra’s relationship is based on mutual respect, and also opened up about writing her memoir, which might feature anecdotes about their marriage. Rani also recalled their wedding, and how she was the ‘first quintessential Sabyasachi bride’, joking she might release their wedding photos soon.

Further speaking about how she makes her marriage with Aditya interesting, Rani said in the same interview, “The best thing about relationships is that you need to shock your partner every day, and I shock Adi every day. It is like every day he sees a new me. He is like ‘I don’t know what is coming today’. So that is good. He is really bechara (helpless), and simple. It is boring to be simple, so I like to make him… He is always like ‘Aaj kya hoga (What will happen today)?’ So, he tells me that ‘For me it is like I am every day putting on a new channel. One day it is comedy, one day it is drama. One day it is violence’. One day it is romance, of course. So it is like a different movie each day; it is nice.”

Rani’s recent works

The actor was last seen in Ashima Chibber’s Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway. The film, which also stars Anirban Bhattacharya, Neena Gupta and Jim Sarbh, is based on the true incident of an Indian couple, whose children were forcefully taken away by Norwegian authorities in 2011. It was released in theatres on March 17, 2023.

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