Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 1, 2023


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After sharing her pregnancy news three months ago, Rubina Dilaik joyfully discloses that she is anticipating twins.

Rubina Dilaik has revealed that she is expecting twins. She had announced her pregnancy earlier this year in September and is likely to welcome the babies early next year. In her latest vlog, Rubina talked about the stress and challenges she faces during her pregnancy journey. 

She revealed the big news in her new show

In the first episode of her show Kisi Ne Bataya Nahi The Mamacado Show, Rubina said, “Today’s episode is dedicated to all the mothers, who are carrying more than one baby. This is a dedicated episode to all the mummas out there, who have faced the challenges or are facing the challenges of carrying twins, triplets or any multiple pregnancies. I wish to share with you we are expecting twins.”

Rubina then went on to clarify that she is only sharing her journey and every pregnancy is different and one must always check with their doctor for any advice. Recalling the time they got to know about the twins, she said, “The first time we got to know that we are blessed with twins, I still remember Abhinav’s face (makes a shocked expression). He was like ‘no way’, and I said ‘That is the truth!’ On our way back home, we did not talk at all. We were extremely excited and overwhelmed. It came as a surprise, double surprise but we were unable to digest so we returned quietly. We were not even listening to music, neither were we busy on phone or anything. We could not express, we could not digest. It took such a long time to sink in, to digest that.”

Upon reaching home, Abhinav asked her if she wanted to say anything but she decided they must give each other some time. The doctor explained the stress, and challenges involved in multiple pregnancy when the couple went for the blood tests the next day.

Rubina also said that they refrained from informing anyone, even family, for the first three months as the doctor had asked them to be extra cautious. “Because there are many chances when one of the fetuses perishes. This stress was so much that we are blessed with twins, but untill we cross the first trimester, when you are medically sure your twins are healthy, we cannot really share. With god’s grace we crossed that milestone. We got to know our twins are fine and then we returned, relieved. Those three months were anxious and stressful for me as I was working, and also dealing with all that nausea and other complications.”

Pregnancy scare in the first trimester 

Rubina then recalled that she had a car accident soon after the first trimester and was scared. “I had a car accident when I was at the signal and a truck rammed into my car. I was, of course, not prepared. I still get goosebumps recalling it. I was so petrified for these two lives growing inside me. The amount of fear I had, all hell broke loose. That was my worst nightmare. Then, we arranged an emergency sonography as I was dying to know that they are safe. The stress I had in that 6-7 hours, that day I realised any pregnancy journey is not easy.”

Rubina then informed her immediate family and did not want to tell many people about her pregnancy. In the video, Rubina also talked about the pregnancy related health troubles she is facing.

Earlier, when she began the video, Rubina announced she will have a guest on the chat, but later the guest recheduled last-minute due to a fussy baby and Rubina was advised to talk about her own journey and make it a “solo, impromptu episode”.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.