Source: HT News Service.
Published on: January 17, 2024


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Vir Das Responds to Query on Economy Travel Amidst IndiGo Pilot Assault, Shares Thoughts.

Comedian-actor Vir Das recently applauded a cabin crew who stood up alone in front of a passenger who assaulted an Indigo pilot for a 13-hour delay of their flight. After his tweet, someone told Vir to try travelling in the economy. The Emmy-winner in his sassy reply, revealed that he has been travelling economy. 

Vir Das tweeted about flight incident

Vir initially tweeted, “Shoutout to the lady from Indigo cabin crew who stood up to that idiot like a boss.” Responding to him, an X user said, “Sometimes travel economy and wait 16 hours delay flight and we talk afterwards.”

The comedian wrote back, “Travel economy all the time. Here’s how it works genius. If you’re upset that your travel is delayed, and you assault someone, you’re further delaying your travel. If you thought you were late before… try getting arrested.”

About the incident

The incident happened when dense fog in Delhi impacted operations at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, leading to many flights being diverted, cancelled or delayed.

This is when a passenger, Sahil Kataria, on the IndiGo flight number 6E 2175, between Delhi and Goa, assaulted the co-pilot, Anup Kumar, when he was announcing a delay in takeoff at the Delhi airport, the police said on Monday. The passenger was arrested. A video of the incident has gone viral. Currently, the matter is being investigated. As per the flight tracking website flightradar24, the said flight took off from Delhi at 6pm after a delay of more than 10 hours.

Sonu Sood faced trouble travelling

Meanwhile, several more flights and trains across the country have been impacted due to fog. Actor Sonu Sood, too, faced a similar situation when he was stuck at Mumbai airport.

He had posted, “The weather Gods have their own moods, beyond human control!! I have been patiently waiting for the last 3 hours at the airport. I know it’s difficult but request everyone to be polite with the airlines crew. They are doing their best! Often times I see visuals of people behaving very rudely with them. We need to understand some situations are beyond anyone’s control and everyone deserves to be respected.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.