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Published on: February 9, 2023


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If superhero movies get you pumped up, and you love to lose yourself in a world where a superhero is there to save the day, so you have come to the right place. Here is the list of superhero movies from the Marvel Universe on Disney+ Hotstar. So, grab some popcorn and begin your superhero movie fest.

Iron Man 

Iron Man is a remarkably intriguing superhero film that combines appeal, brilliance, and intellectual ability into an entertaining action film. The film is well-paced, with a wonderful character arc for Tony Stark and several well-executed action sequences that feel balanced, making excellent use of special effects and light CGI on the suit. Iron Man is an incredible work of cinema that only improves with age. It acts as a reminder that a major superhero film can be both serious and entertaining.


The Avengers

What happens when Loki wants to rule over the world? You summon The Avengers. The director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, determines to assemble a group of all the world’s superheroes under the Avengers, which he chooses to launch when things spiral out of control. When Loki threatened the world and its existence as we know it, Nick Fury decided to begin The Avengers venture. Will the avengers be able to vindicate the Earth’s destruction? Watch the movie to find that out!


Wade Wilson (Reynolds) is a mercenary who used to be a member of the Special Forces. Wade’s life appears to be going ok until he meets Ajax (Skrein), a twisted personality with his own nefarious doings. Wade is granted superpowers after Ajax undertakes an experiment on him. However, this gift comes at a cost, and Wade sets out to exact vengeance on Ajax. Deadpool recounts the tale of an unusual but thoroughly enjoyable superhero.


Ant-Man is the origin story of the superhero Ant-Man, who has the ability to shrink. We meet Scott, a genius crook who gains the ability to reduce to the size of an ant whereas maintaining the power of a regular man thanks to Pym particles. Scott also must take on the task of becoming a superhero and protecting the world while keeping his true identity hidden to safeguard his loved ones from people who want him dead. This film easily earned the honour of being one of the best superhero movies, which you can enjoy on Disney + Hotstar.

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