Source: HT News Service
Published on: April 18, 2023


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According to exclusive information, Chrisann Pereira, best recognised for her work in Sadak 2 and other films, has been held in Sharjah.

Mumbai based actor, dancer Chrisann Pereira has been locked inside the Sharjah Central Jail, United Arab Emirates. From what we have gathered Chrisann was taken into custody by the airport authorities after she was caught with drugs.

Chrisaan’s family statement

Chrisann’s family shares that their daughter is the victim in the case. “We have been through emotional torture in the last 2 weeks, my sister is innocent and has been framed in a drug racket,” says Chrisann’s brother Kevin. The family shares that since Chrisann landed at the Sharjah airport they have not even been able to interact with her. “The Indian Consulate informed us after 72 hours that she’s been arrested and put in Sharjah Central Jail,” he adds.

As per the family, Chrisann was scammed by a man who identified himself as Ravi. The man first texted Chrisann’s mother Premila Pereira “to introduce” her daughter “to his talent [pool team and asked if Chrisann is available to meet at for an upcoming international web series.” After a series of meetings, an audition was locked for Chrisann in Dubai and the man took care of all the arrangements. Before Chrisann took her flight on April 1, she was called by the accused to meet at a coffee shop 10 minutes away from the Mumbai international airport. “He handed over a trophy to her, perhaps mentioning that the said trophy is part of the script for the audition and will be required for the audition. Accordingly, she carried the trophy with her,” says Premila. Upon reaching Sharjah airport, Chrisann smelled foul as she was unable to reach Ravi. “On April 10, we were informed by the Consulate that Chrisann has been charged with drugs found in the memento,” she adds.

Currently, the family is running from pillars to post to have a conversation with Chrisann and get her out. “We have already hired a local lawyer in Dubai which is going to cost us Rs13 lakh. We still don’t know the official charges and if there are any fines. My family is preparing to mortgage our house since we read the fines could be anywhere between Rs. 20-40 lakhs. It’s been more than 13 days and we haven’t been able to sleep, eat or rest worried sick about her while the fraudsters are roaming free,” Kevin rues.

The family tried taking help from the Mumbai Police, however, nothing to their aid. “The local police aren’t filing an FIR since the official charges haven’t come from Sharjah,” Kevin mentions.

Chrisann has movies like Batla House (2019), Sadak 2 (2020) and Thinkistan (2019) to her credit.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service