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Published on: April 26, 2023
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This documentary is a thorough examination and assessment of Suga from BTS which reveals the superstar’s creative process and personal challenges


It is D-Day. For those who are unaware, D-Day is the third and last album by Agust D; the stage name Suga of BTS goes by when he performs his own compositions. The rapper-producer’s ten-track album, which came out this month along with a cinematic music video for the album’s title track, “Haegeum,” is the conclusion of the work he’s done in the studio over the past three years—since the arrival of his prior mixtape D-2.

In the documentary, he reveals his fragile side as he battles to find motivation for his next artistic endeavour and frequently seems caught in a rut. He shares his painful memories while touring the world in cities like Seoul, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. These experiences eventually influenced the heartbreaking music that dominated international music charts.


This documentary follows Suga’s mixtape’s development from start to finish. The rapper went into great detail regarding the ideas and messages underlying every track, as well as how he came up with them. He made this album with the mindset that it would be his final one as Agust D, a stage name he uses apart from Suga of BTS.

The singer continued, “And it’s not by SUGA; it’s by Agust D. Agust D is also more unreserved straightforward, rough, and unadulterated than Suga, who portrays himself as being spotless.

Suga shares it is his first solo journey since making his BTS debut. He toured throughout the United States to interact with artists for the album, including Anderson Paak and Halsey (with whom he had worked in the past on BTS’s song “Boy With Luv”). It was like being allowed entry into an exclusive club to witness these musicians and producers connect over their mutual love of music. We also get to visit their private studios, which are almost as private as having guests over to your house.

The best part of the documentary is that ARMY will be treated to live renditions of a few songs from the documentary after having the chance to completely lose themselves in the new album release. The album SUGA opens with “Polar Night,” then goes back to the song from 2020, “Daechwita,” which uses traditional Korean instruments for the song about D-Day, “Haegeum,” and enlists the sharp lead singer of the rock band The Rose, WOOSUNG, for a live performance of the song “Snooze,” which additionally boasts Ryuchi Sakomoto on the piano in the studio version.

As we follow Suga around the globe, he slowly comes to the realisation that the true splendour of living and creating music lies in being in touch with those around him, soaking up every setting (be it the magnificent Grand Canyon or Steve Aoki’s studio), and allowing himself to take pleasure in every little thing. Perhaps there are lesser, even more significant dreams hidden among all the great, Major chart-topping ones. Perhaps just daydreaming about enjoying food and drinks with your loved ones is plenty. Perhaps the actual challenge of dreaming is to have softer dreams, to be kind in a world that will do everything in its power to destroy you, and to allow yourself to continue loving what you do, no matter what happens.


The Road to D-Day rejects the notion that it is difficult to identify with this introverted Korean idol singer. Along with getting to know the musician through Suga’s voyage, we also get to see how the person who creates the music is changing the world. The more time passes, the more lost and searching that individual is, just like you. That person merely wants to pursue his passions. And meeting him is a complete joy.

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