Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 20, 2023


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Rajeev Sen invites his former wife Charu Asopa to join the cast of his upcoming show.

Rajeev Sen has offered a role, in a web show that he will soon start working on, to his former wife Charu Asopa. Charu and Rajeev have been separated for long and their divorce was finalised a few days ago. In his latest vlog, Rajeev talked about his Fathers’ Day celebrations, and also updated fans about his new project, in which, he hopes to work with Charu.

Rajeev’s Father’s Day celebrations

The vlog opened with Rajeev and daughter Ziana cutting their Fathers’ Day special cake as Charu wished them from behind the camera. Soon, Rajeev was back in his abode, and talked to fans. “I will soon be seen in a web series – my second one – and it is called Kaka Joos,” Rajeev said after describing his Fathers’ Day celebrations with much enthusiasm.

Rajeev offered Charu a role in the web series

Rajeev shared in his vlog that he wants to work with Charu and has offered her a web series that stars him. He said, “I have told Charu about this project. I will be very happy if she can be one of my co-actors in it. Of course, I will give her a very good role. The script is fantastic. I am sure she will go through the script. Charu and I haven’t worked together professionally. We have done a lot of vlogging together. So this will be a treat for the fans. Sharing screen with her will be interesting, the dialogues and all are fun and interesting.”

He also said, “The show demands strong performances and Charu is a good actor. I am sure she will give her best when she takes it up. It will be very special. I am hoping Charu joins us, joins the team and we get to work together soon. And why not? I think this will be a role that Charu will enjoy, and will also offer her a lot to do in terms of performance. I will see to it that Charu does not just do the role wonderfully, but also enjoy it. That is most important. ,” Rajeev said.

Charu and Rajeev’s relationship

Charu and Rajeev got married in 2019. Soon, they got separated and even accused each other of cheating. It was only earlier this month that their divorce was finalised.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service