Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 29, 2023


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BTS’s collaboration with Mattel for a toy collection sent their fan base, ARMY, into a frenzy. The dolls’ release boosted their already soaring popularity and made a significant impact on K-pop’s influence, marking a milestone in boy band history.

BTS, the South Korean pop phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, added another feather to their cap – when they were transformed into dolls. This development thrust them into another dimension of the entertainment industry – the world of toys.

A Game-Changing Moment in K-pop and Boy Band History

“As reported by Mashable,” in January 2019, Mattel, the renowned toy manufacturer, announced that the K-pop superstars would be transformed into doll likenesses. A teaser image followed in mid-March, stoking the fans’ excitement, with the hint that the dolls’ outfits would be inspired by BTS’ hit single “Idol.”

When the dolls were finally unveiled, the reaction was instant and intense. The army of BTS fans, known as ARMY, had been eagerly anticipating the collection. Yet, Mattel’s interpretation seemed to strike a discordant note for some.

ARMY’s Mixed Reactions to the BTS Doll Collection

Several fans expressed disappointment, with criticisms ranging from the dolls suffering from the ‘same face syndrome’ to not looking like their idols, particularly noting the plastic hair. ARMY couldn’t help but compare Mattel’s line to higher-end doll brands, despite BTS’s line being at a relatively lower price point.

Despite some backlash, the sentiment of the fanbase leans towards acknowledging the significance of the step. “Choosing to make likenesses of BTS in the first place is a huge deal and really shows the impact of K-pop’s popularity,” states the Mashable article.

The toy industry has often turned boy bands into miniatures, with varying success. There have been tragedies such as the Hasbro One Direction doll debacle. Yet, regardless of the varied opinions, there’s no denying that the BTS doll collection marked a milestone in both the boy band and doll history.

In the dynamic landscape of pop culture, BTS’s leap into the toy world represented their expanding influence, reaching far beyond music. Their dolls’ journey reflects their own – a unique blend of highs, lows, excitement, and criticism, echoing the larger narrative of their unprecedented global success. The saga of the BTS dolls added another fascinating chapter to the group’s history and K-pop at large.

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