Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 22, 2023


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G-Dragon left YG Entertainment and joined Galaxy Corporation.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon after parting ways with YG Entertainment has officially signed a contract with Galaxy Corporation. The agency on December 21, announced the news via a special press conference. Jo Sung Hae, the director of Galaxy Corporation, talked to the press about G-Dragon’s drug case and shared plans for his future activities in 2024. The BANG BANG BANG singer himself was not present during the event.

G-Dragon signs contract Galaxy Corporation

Announcing his arrival the director Jo Sung Hae of Galaxy Corporation stated, “This press conference is meant to be a preparation step for G-Dragon, so that he may safely return and stand before the public after enduring difficult times.”

The new agency went on to address G-Dragon’s recent involvement in a drug scandal, stressing that justice was served as the police found him not guilty. He made it clear that G-Dragon had nothing to do with the drug controversy. As per K-media outlet, Sports News, the director in a statement said, “Despite Kwon Ji Yong having no connection to the recent drug scandal, he endured challenging times due to widespread speculations and rumors. To support the restoration of normalcy in the life of an innocent person, we kindly request refraining from associating Kwon Ji Yong with any matters related to this drug scandal.”

The K-pop singer had just bid goodbye to YG Entertainment, the label that signed hits like BLACKPINK, TREASURE, WINNER, BABYMONSTER, and so on. YG Entertainment quickly confirmed this in a statement.

The agency, currently gearing up for G-Dragon’s comeback in 2024, emphasized that they had no hesitation in signing the contract with the legendary artist. The only factor causing a delay in the process was the confirmation from G-Dragon’s former agency, YG Entertainment. “Fortunately, yesterday, his former agency issued a statement extending well-wishes for Kwon Ji Yong’s future, and we also convey our sincere appreciation to YG Entertainment. It is because of YG that the present Kwon Ji Yong exists.” They declared in closing that they would never forget G-Dragon’s standing in the industry and that they would keep up the pace while reaching new heights as a team.

G-Dragon’s comeback in 2024

On the work front, the Bad Boy singer will be planning a 2024 comeback under the new label. The K-pop idol also dropped a quick Instagram update about his new collaboration.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.