Source: HT News Service
Published on: April 13, 2023


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Hema Malini surprised paparazzi and commuters by travelling in metro and auto to reach her home in Mumbai. 

Actor-politician Hema Malini recently travelled by metro and then by auto in Mumbai. Taking to Twitter, Hema shared a series of posts talking about her journey. She also posted several pictures and videos. Hema said that it took two hours for her to reach Dahisar, a suburb of Mumbai, by car. So, she decided to take the metro instead later and reached her destination.

Hema shared pictures of this experience on social media

In the first post, Hema shared a few photos from the metro station. In the pictures, Hema wore a coral shirt, white pants and brown shoes. She also carried a black bag. The actor, in one of the photos, pointed towards the roof of the station. She also posed with a person on the platform.

Sharing the pictures, Hema captioned the post, “I must share with all of you my unique, wonderful experience. Drove 2 hours to reach Dahisar by car, so tiring! In the eve decided I would try the metro, and OMG! What a joy it was! True, we went thro tough times during the constr, but worth it! Clean, fast & ws in Juhu in 1/2 hr (two hearts emoji).”

Hema Malini posted a video as well

Hema also shared a video from inside the metro. As the actor sat down, several women posed next to her for selfies. She wrote, “After my metro experience, decided to go by auto from DN Nagar to Juhu & that too was fulfilled. Landed by auto at my house & the dazed security could not believe their eyes! All in all, a wonderful, pleasurable experience for me! In the metro with the public.”

Hema also posted a video as she sat inside an auto with a person. As she enjoyed the ride, Hema said, “We are sitting in the auto and all. Auto rickshaw mein hum aarahe hai. Narendar k saath main aarahi hoon (We are coming in an auto rickshaw. I am coming with Narendar)… We are reaching Juhu.”

She also added, “My God, what traffic, how people are driving. Gaadi kahi se bhi jarahi hai, idhar udhar (Cars are going in every direction, here and there), my God very scary but very interesting.” Hema captioned the post, “This is the video I shot from inside the auto. Enjoyed myself thoroughly!”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service