Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 22, 2023


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Lizzo playfully addresses fans with Chris Evans posters during her show, clarifying that Evans is not her boyfriend. She encourages fans to bring pictures of her partner, Myke Wright, showcasing her devotion to their relationship.

 No More Chris Evans Posters at Her Show!

In a recent video shared on Instagram, Lizzo took a moment during one of her concerts to address fans who brought posters of Chris Evans to her show. The Grammy-winning artist clarified that Evans is not her man and expressed her desire to see her actual boyfriend, Myke Wright’s, face instead.

During the concert, Lizzo shared, “I think it was the last show I just played, some had a big ass cutout of Chris Evans’ face.” She continued, “Chris Evans is not my man. My man is Myke Wright. He fine as hell. I wanna see his fine ass face when I’m onstage.”

Lizzo Sets the Record Straight

Lizzo’s hilarious response to the Chris Evans posters showcased her playful nature and desire to acknowledge her real-life partner, Myke Wright. The artist’s candidness resonated with fans, as they witnessed her setting the record straight about her relationship status.

Fans Show Love for Myke Wright

To the delight of Lizzo, some fans heeded her call and brought giant cutouts of Myke Wright’s face to her concerts. The artist expressed her appreciation to fans Rene and Lucy for their support while playfully requesting them not to bring more giant pictures of her man due to storage limitations.

Lizzo’s video message not only showcased her humorous side but also solidified the fact that Chris Evans is not the object of her affection, reaffirming her commitment to Myke Wright.


Who is Lizzo’s actual boyfriend?

Lizzo’s actual boyfriend is Myke Wright, as confirmed by the artist during one of her concerts.

What was Lizzo’s response to fans bringing Chris Evans posters to her show?

Lizzo playfully addressed fans who brought Chris Evans posters to her show, clarifying that Evans is not her man and expressing her desire to see her actual boyfriend’s face, Myke Wright.

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