Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 27, 2023


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Ava Max was slapped by a fan during her Los Angeles concert, just two days after Bebe Rexha got injured while performing on stage.

A few days after singer Bebe Rexha suffered a deep cut near her eye from a phone which was hurled at her by an over-enthusiastic fan during her concert, another performer, Ava Max, was slapped by a man who came onstage during a concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Ava Max slapped during the concert

The video of the fan striking Ava on the face went viral on Twitter, where the security immediately stepped in to take away the fan while Ava continued to perform her last song at the Fonda Theatre. Later, Ava, whose real name is Amanda Ava Koci, tweeted about the incident and said, “He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye. He’s never coming to a show again (angry face emoticons) thank you to the fans for being spectacular tonight in LA though!! (red heart emoticon)”

Netizen’s reactions

Several fans who attended the concert came in support of the singer and expressed their shock in the comments. A fan source of the singer tweeted, “The person who assaulted @AvaMax last night, seems to be in a romantic and sexual obsession with her for over a year according to his Instagram, where his mother has referred to ava as her “future daughter in-law.”!” Another fan said, “Absolutely livid that someone can just get on stage and attack someone . Ava is an awesome person and so glad she wasn’t hurt further. At least the security guard body slammed that piece of s–t!!”

Fans also got hold of the man on Instagram and questioned him about his unacceptable behaviour. To this, the person responded that he was ‘shooting his shot’ and did not intend to hit her.

Connecting Bebe Rexha and Ava Max incident

Many fans also expressed concern how the incident took place just a few days after Bebe Rexha was taken to hospital after a man threw a phone at the stage. A fan said, “just 2 days after someone throws a phone at Bebe Rexha’s eyes someone jumps on stage and whacks Ava Max on the eyes again? the f–k is wrong with y’all?????” Another comment read, “One more artist, Ava Max being hurt on stage by a person in the audience. I can not believe people are this harmfull. I hope the guy got arrested. And all the best to Ava.” “Bebe and now Ava… whats happening!?! The stage should be a safe space for artists to perform!” asked a fan. Another fan said, “First Bebe, now Ava. Starting to think this isn’t a coincidence. Why are Albanian artists getting injured during their shows recently? Did something happen in that country that I missed out on?

The Bebe Rexha incident also went viral on social media from the concert, where an object strikes Rexha on the left side of her head and she grabs her face and falls to the floor. On Monday, Rexha took to Instagram and shared two pictures of herself showcasing the cut near her eyebrows. She captioned the images with “I’m good.” According to a NYPD statement, Nicolas Malvagna, a 27-year-old man from New Jersey, was arrested and charged with assault.

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