Source: HT News Service
Published on: July 11, 2023


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Emma Mackey, known for her role in “Sex Education,” beautifully embodies Emily Brontë in Frances O’Connor’s directorial debut, a captivating exploration of the renowned author’s life.

Emma Mackey , renowned for her role in Netflix’s hit ‘Sex Education’, took a dive into the world of classic literature, portraying Emily Brontë in Frances O’Connor’s directorial debut, ‘Emily’, as reported by Variety.

Story about a rebel and a misfit

In the film ‘Emily’, O’Connor has woven a narrative that explores the formative journey of the ‘Wuthering Heights’ author, who was known as a rebel and a misfit.

Emily Brontë’s work and words are full of passion, feeling, violence, and fierce intelligence,” O’Connor said. “In creating an imagined life for Emily, she will live again for our audience. Her story is about a young woman daring to form herself, to embrace her true nature, despite the consequences. Emily is, in fact, a love letter to women today, especially young women, a calling to them to challenge themselves to connect with their authentic voice and potential.

Joining Mackey are Joe Alwyn, star of Netflix’s forthcoming ‘Last Letter from Your Lover’, portraying Emily’s conflicted lover. Fionn Whitehead, known for his lead roles in ‘Dunkirk’ and Emmy-Award winning ‘Bandersnatch’, embodies Branwell Brontë, Emily’s inspiring yet self-destructive brother. Lastly, Emily Beecham, winner of Cannes Film Festival 2019’s best actress prize for ‘Little Joe’, takes on the role of Charlotte Brontë.

The movie is scheduled early next year

The film’s production, helmed by esteemed producers David Barron, Piers Tempest, Jo Bamford, Robert Connolly, and Robert Patterson, was scheduled to commence in Yorkshire, U.K., early the following year.

Barron expressed his ambitious vision for the film, stating: “We are going to produce a movie of significant ambition – for audiences to enjoy and celebrate the scale of Emily Bronte’s own magnificent imagination.

With such a promising cast and passionate production team, the film ‘Emily’ undoubtedly showcased Emma Mackey’s transformative acting prowess, marking a significant milestone in her career.

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