Source: HT News Service
Published on: July 17, 2023


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Rephrase Seven song: Apart from BTS’ Jungkook and actor Han So-hee, the song also features rapper Latto. The music video is directed by Bradley and Pablo.

The youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, unveiled his latest solo song Seven on Friday. Taking to its YouTube channel, Hybe Labels posted the music video starring Jungkook and actor Han So-hee. The song and music video also features American rapper Latto.

Jungkook video featured So-hee

In the over three-minute-long video, Jungkook is seen trying to woo Han So-hee promising to ‘love her seven days a week’. The video begins with Jungkook and So-hee seated at a table in a restaurant as she gets angry at him. Even though chaos follows, they are completely engrossed in each other. While So-hee shouts at Jungkook, he tries to make her understand his love for her.

Jungkook fighting for So-hee

Next, Jungkook hangs from a train window as So-hee travels inside it. He walks on the roof of the train singing for her. In the next segment, So-hee does her laundry while Jungkook sings to her. Even when the room gets flooded with neck-deep water, he continues singing only to be pushed away by So-hee.

More about the video

Jungkook is next seen being carried on a stretcher as he meets with a road accident. However, on seeing So-hee walking nearby he jumps and goes to her with a flower bouquet. Jungkook is seen flying away in a storm and lying in a casket as a funeral service is held for him.

Latto sings her verse there as So-hee sits among the guests. Moments later, Jungkook smiles and opens the casket as he continues singing. So-hee gives a sigh of relief at this. The video ends with Jungkook walking in the rain next to So-hee as she extends her hand and they walk away together.

Lyrics of the song

The lyrics of the song goes: Weight of the world on your shoulder/I kiss your waist and ease your mind/ I must be favoured to know ya/ I take my hands and trace your lines/It’s the way that we can ride/ Think I met you in another life/ So break me off another time/You wrap around me and give me life/ And that’s why night after night I’ll be lovin’ you right/ Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday/ Seven days a week.

Fan’s reaction

Reacting to the video, a fan wrote, “My guy did what not for his love. Man was fighting for his life throughout the music video.” A comment read, “I love the song haha haha. Jungkook is right I got hooked right away.” Another person said, “This sounds so good and Jungkook is so hot. He is so handsome and look at him in water. I want a boyfriend like Jungkook too.”

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